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Studio Sessions - AR/VR training

We had the privilege of being taken through AR and VR training by Anthony Maina of @auravisionstudio

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) training in architecture are innovative approaches that leverage immersive technology to enhance the learning and design processes within the field.

In AR training, architects can overlay digital architectural models and data onto the real world, allowing them to visualize and interact with designs in a real-world context.

VR training, on the other hand, immerses architects in entirely virtual environments. It enables them to walk through and explore architectural designs at a 1:1 scale, providing a deep understanding of spatial configurations and design aesthetics. Architects can also simulate various lighting conditions and material choices, which aids in making informed design decisions.

Our desire is to improve our output and client interactions by adopting these technologies in our pipeline through the support of @auravisionstudio. We shall also in the near future have a look at AI and how we can incorporate it into our design process.

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