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A Hassle-free route to creating dream homes

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Architecture by Cedar has recently partnered with Everstrong Maskani, a real estate development firm with expertise in innovative, planning, design, construction and real estate investment solutions. We have together developed the MaskaniBora Offering which is a turnkey solution for our clients handling the development of their homes from concept design to completion.

The MaskaniBora Offering seeks to assist landowners maximize the use of their hard-earned property investment by providing a hassle-free route to creating dream homes. This offering alleviates the burdensome design and construction process that individuals wishing to build dream homes in Kenya deal with by seamlessly integrating the design and development processes.



Based on our experience and market study, we have developed 3 different prototype designs that our clients can pick from. The designs capture features that most frequently occur in clients' briefs. the cost element was a major consideration in the development on the design. The resulytant prototypes are as follows:

1. Mwanzi - 4 bedroom maisonette with the option of flat roof and conventional pitched roof

2. Tawi - 4 bedroom contemporary (flat roof) maisonette with a roof terrace

3. Tunda - Traditional 3 bedroom bungalow

Click here to download the full brochure of the Offering

MASKANIBORA is however not limited to the above typologies. We can develop bespoke designs based on client requirements. Feel free to contact us using the link below if you would like to find out more about MASKANIBORA product offering.

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