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Proposed AMH staff housing

We took part in a design competition for a pocket gated community of 3no. staff houses for African Mission Healthcare (AMH) in Kijabe, Kenya. Ours was the winning proposal and we are looking forward to working with the AMH as they endeavour to cater for their staff's housing needs.

A pocket gated community is a small, exclusive residential area that is enclosed by security gates or walls. These communities are typically designed to provide a sense of security and privacy for its residents. They often feature a limited number of homes, with shared amenities such as parks, pools, or common areas.

Our design proposal was in response to the client's brief to respond to their budget and the topography. We incorporated the use of renewable energy (solar power and water heating) and responsible waste management systems (e.g bio-digesters for recycling waste water) as we attempted to respond to the steep slope by elevating the buildings to cut costs while reducing the impact of excavations.

Below is a brief fly through if the proposed development.

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