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Kijani Ridge villa

We were engaged for design and construction supervision of a contemporary 4 bedroom villa in Kijani Ridge, Tatu city within Kiambu County, Kenya.

The project is currently under construction. Here's a sequence of site activities for your better understanding of a typical construction process:

Setting out - This normally comes after the contractor has taken possession of the site and completed his preliminaries/mobilization (site hoarding, toilet, safety installations, accesses etc). Setting out is basically mapping the footprint of the building based on the available drawings and other identified reference markers e.g beacons, roads etc. Here, the architect will carry out inspections to ascertain that the building is properly positioned and the anticipated building heights are agreed upon.

Excavations and foundations - Below we see the swimming pool excavation and steel reinforcement works going on. The floor slab has also be cast and the ground floor walling is ongoing. The structural and MEP engineers are very critical at this stage. While the S.E will ensure the structural integrity of the construction, the MEP engineer will ensure all relevant electrical and mechanical provisions are made prior to casting of the concrete.

Swimming pool concrete structure done and first floor steel bending and placement ongoing in preparation for casting of the first floor concrete. from here, we shall move to the first floor walling and roof terrace essentially completing the shell.

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